On-Line Song Competition December 15 2007

Congratulations!! To Our contest winners



First Prize $400

Judges Choice score =7.8


First Prize $400

Judges choice score = 7.8


second Prize

Highest hits


Gunjan Kathale

Third Prize

2n highest hits



Since we have a tie on the judges choice, zingerbay has decided to split the prize between the two winners Hope and Akshay.


For judges choice we had 10 zingerbay appointed independent judges who gave score to each contestants on

  • sur - pitch
  • taal - rhythm
  • uchhar - diction
  • expression
  • originality

Each judge submitted an average of the five ratings for each contestant. The average of all ten scores for each contestant was used to do the final ranking. In this event we had a tie on first position


Prizes to be awarded $1500.00

First Prize Judges Choice $800.00
Second Prize For Most Number of Hits $500.00
Third Prize Second Highest Hits $200.00