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On-Line Song Competition

Zingerbay is launching an exciting, one of its kind, internet based song competition. Participants will get a chance to win one of the prizes listed below simply by getting the most number of hits.


The artist site created will be yours to use for unlimited time for Free!, In addition you will be listed in our talent search engine, giving you a new avenue to be discovered by people seeking new talent.

  • Each contestant will upload a song and create an artist profile.
  • The artist will be ranked by public voting.
  • wining criteria will be based on the number of hits the artist gets and the number of plays of his/her song.
  • Duration of the competition will be one month.
  • Entries will be accepted Between Nov 15th and Dec 15th 2007
  • Competition will run between Dec 15th 2007 and Jan 15th 2008
  • Winners will be announced on Jan 16 2008
  • The Competition Entry is Free!!
Just click on the Enter Competition Button to get started.



Prizes to be awarded $1500.00

First Prize Judges Choice $800.00
Second Prize For Most Number of Hits $500.00
Third Prize Second Highest Hits $200.00

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