Song Competition Rules

The following rules apply in addition to the general "User Agreement Terms and Condition" as specified in the Zingerbay membership sign-up area:


All Contestants must accept the rules to enter the competition.



The competition is open to singers/musicians of any nationality or sex 18 yrs of age or older as of May 31st 2007. By entering the competition the candidate certifies that the song/music content is a recent recording (made within 1 year) made by the candidate(s) under normal studio conditions or using PC based recording software with NO voice enhancement/corrections.



All items presented must be solos or duets with or without accompaniment.



Competition Entry Is Free.
    • A completed entry form must be submitted through our web site.
    • All participants must accept zingerbay terms and conditions.
    • A two to eight minutes song must be uploaded to your profile using the entry form or by logging into your profile and using the add song or modify artist menu items. Ensure that you do this before Dec 15th 2007. each competitor will be allows 3 songs. The 3 songs will be the top three songs in the artists profile.
    • A photograph of the artist should be added to your profile.This can be done at the time of entry or later on my logging in and using modify artist menu selection.



The Zingerbay jury will select top two winners from the top 10% of the contestants with maximum number of hits to their web site.


The names of the winners will be posted on August 4th 2007 on the competition page and will also be announced on Music Masala, Open Forum and Music Of India.


Zingerbay Inc. uses standard web site counters to count the number of hits and cannot guarantee discounting fraudulent hits although every effort will be made to identify such hits. Once identified, Zingerbay Inc. will disqualify the contestant and disbar from any future participation.



Zingerbay Inc. will distribute the Prizes within 1-6 weeks of announcing the results. The payment will be sent via certified mail to the address provided by contestant. Zingerbay Inc. is not responsible for any damaged or lost mail and no further payments will be made.


Any Taxes due will be the responsibility of the winner.



All materials submitted including recordings and photos become the property of Zingerbay Inc.



Zingerbay inc. reserve the right to refuse any entry. The jury has the right to disqualify any candidate's performance at any stage of the competition.


Prizes are awarded, and may be withheld, at the jury's sole discretion. The jury's decisions are final. Zingerbay inc. reserve the right to record or broadcast any part of the entry to the competition without payment to the participants. Zingerbay Inc. cannot accept liability for any loss or injury arising in connection with any candidate's participation in the Competition howsoever caused.