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A Social and Cultural Reformist

"I am not here to convert you from your faith, nor do I want to create any followers. I do not belong to any religious sect, nor do I seek donations. What I say may hurt your feelings and your beliefs, and sound like poison to your ears, but for the religion I was proudly born in and the country that I so dearly love, I will truthfully speak my mind, until the day I die"

- Swami Sacchidanand
(translated into English)

About Swami Sachhidanand

The Swami has traveled around the world and evaluated the people, preachers and places of pilgrimage. He has studied the Indian scriptures and the history of mankind. He has been honored with the degree of “Vedantacharya” (equivalent to a Ph.D) from Banaras University.

He is a master orator. His language is simple though it lashes at the hypocrisy of the society. It penetrates the hearts of every class and creed of the society. He has written many books and has been awarded by the Gujarat Sahitya Academy and Gujarat Sahitya Parishad. Many colleges and institutions on a variety of topics have invited him. He has been doing a number of humanitarian activities in “Bhakti Niketan” Ashram at Dantali in Gujarat.


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